Why having a red blush on your face can be a sign of danger

Most times having a red blush on your face is absolutely normal and rarely connote anything negative. This is of course not the case in many cases. There are times when having a red blush on your face can be a sign of real danger and demand immediate attention to avert tragedy.

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Almost everyone blushes especially when we are embarrassed or anxious. But in some people blushing can be severe and have serious effects on their lifestyle. This is due to embarrassment which results from excessive blushing on the slightest provocation. Such people will try to avoid or reduce their interaction with people just because they want to avoid being seen with a blush almost every time.

red blush

In its simplest form, having a red blush is usually a result of increased blood floor to the blood vessels in the face in response to triggers from the Sympathetic nervous system. In most cases, blushing is simply a response to an emotional trigger usually embarrassment or anxiety. It could also be a result of lust, anger or even fear. But blushing especially excessive blushing or getting red-faced for no obvious physical reason can imply some underlying medical disorder and might require you to do something to correct it.

Anxiety disorders

Two serious types of anxiety disorders generally classified as Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder can lead to excessive blushing. Individuals suffering from Social Anxiety Disorders usually show a red blush on their face whenever they find themselves in the spotlight in the company of many people. Generalised anxiety disorder is a more severe case and occurs when the individual in question blushes in almost all situations even in the presence of one person or even when they are alone and feel that they are being watched by someone.

When is this a problem?

Blushing as a result of Anxiety disorder can be a problem when the person begins to show sign of withdrawal from general society and become a recluse as a result of the embarrassment they feel from excessive blushing.

Medical problems

Red blush can be a danger alert for serious medical emergencies. A red blush can be a tell-tale sign of skin conditions such as Hyperhidrosis, Rosacea or Mastocytosis. Asides skin diseases, it could also be a sign of serious medical conditions like obesity and high blood pressure. When the blood vessels are clogged by fatty deposits or cholesterol, blood pressure increases and as the heart pumps more blood, more of the blood is distributed closer to the skin surface which will result in a red blush.

A red blush can also imply hormonal imbalances or occur as a result of using certain medications which can lead to excessive blushing or flushing. It could also be formed as a result of allergies. Patients allergic to certain substances may find themselves face flushed whenever they are exposed to these allergens.

When is this a problem?

As mentioned earlier, Blushing is usually connected to a physical scenario that triggers the feeling of embarrassment or anxiety. Therefore, when you notice yourself blushing more often without any obvious emotional reason, it could be that you have a medical condition that could be causing the problem. In this case, you would have to consult a professional for a test and possible treatment of the particular disease.

What to do when your face shows a red blush too often?

The very first thing to do is speak to your physician who will ascertain that your blushing issue isn’t as a result of an adverse medical condition. Once this is settled, you might be directed to talk to a psychologist to accurately decipher the cause of your excessive red blush.

When a medical condition is discovered, Treating the underlying medical condition which is causing the red blush is one way to get rid of it once and for all. in other cases, when your blush is as a result of allergies or triggered by specific social situations, avoiding such triggers is usually the way to go. These are just a few of the many possible treatments that can be recommended for individuals suffering from chronic and excessive red blush to keep them safe and in perfect health.


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