Understanding your embarrassed face

Many people suffer from blushing, which causes them to develop an embarrassed face. It’s just something that happens to them naturally. No matter what situation they may find themselves in, they feel themselves starting to burn up, gradually turning bright red and sometimes they can even start to sweat. These are very unpleasant symptoms and can be really difficult to cope with. Some people even stay indoors, as they don’t want others to notice their embarrassed face.


Most people get embarrassed from time to time but others feel this embarrassment all of the time, which leads to these annoying symptoms. As well as the flushing of the face, some people will develop redness of the ears, neck and chest too. If you’re someone who gets embarrassed easily and is very regularly walking around in a constant blush, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways in which you can control your flare ups.

We’ll take a look at the ways you can help your symptoms a little later. First of all let’s discover exactly why we blush and why it’s only certain people that do.

Embarrassed face

Why do I have an embarrassed face?

First of all it’s important to remember that embarrassment is a self conscious emotion.  We become embarrassed because of a disconnect between how we believe we need to respond or behave in public and how we actually do respond in public. Sometimes, we become embarrassed because we feel as though we haven’t lived up to society.

We also develop an embarrassed face when we become the centre of attention. This is especially so when we don’t usually enjoy being in the limelight. Where you are will also determine how embarrassed you become.

For instance, when you’re at home and you accidentally trip up over something, if you’re there on your own, nobody will notice. However, if you trip up around town, then that’s another matter. There will be lots of people there who will see what has just happened and this is when you’ll start to develop your embarrassed face. You will feel yourself getting redder and hotter and soon you’ll know that you’re glowing, which will make things even worse. So, really, embarrassment is a fear response and how bad it gets is determined by what situation you find yourself in.

Why do only certain people turn bright red?

Well, everybody is different but it really all comes down to your bodies fight or flight response. The thing is, our minds believe that embarrassment is a danger to us and so do our bodies too. The veins in our necks and faces are fully equipped to deal with any social threats. What happens is, when we become embarrassed or we do something embarrassing these veins will dilate. They dilate because of a chemical transmitter called adenylyl cyclise.

This transmitter enables adrenaline to pump oxygen and blood through our entire bodies, and this includes the neck and face. This is the reason as to why you become bright red. There are many other triggers besides embarrassment that causes you to turn red including anger, shame, shyness, sadness, nervousness etc.

Other people can make it worse

Yes, it’s absolutely true that other people can cause you to walk around with an embarrassed face. Have you ever been in the situation where you feel yourself going red and you absolutely know that you are glowing? Most blushers have found themselves in this situation. They know that they are bright red and their friends or other people love nothing more than to tell that person that they are flushing. It has been discovered in studies that when someone tells you you’re red, even when you’re not, you will begin to go red.

How you can help yourself

We all want to look the best we can and even though many people think blushing is cute and attractive, the blushers, often, don’t agree. To a blusher, they believe that embarrassment and having an embarrassed face impacts them, professionally and also personally. This is definitely not the case. This is what’s known as the spotlight effect, we blow it all out of proportion.

The thing you have to do is to rise above the feelings you have, when you believe you are the centre of attention. Here’s what you can do:

Talk about what embarrasses you

Talk to others about what it is that embarrasses you. By doing this, when you have any embarrassing moments, you’ll be taking their power away. Yes, embarrassing things will still happen to you but they won’t have such an effect on you and your reaction to them.

Remember that being embarrassed shows that you care

Being embarrassed tells others that you care about things. It’s a human trait and this is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. This is why we are drawn to people who get easily embarrassed. We like them because when they become embarrassed they know that they have crossed a line or have made a mistake.

Being embarrassed really is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a natural human response and to many people, it’s very attractive. Although we may not like the fact that we turn bright red at the drop of a hat, we really should start to learn to accept this, as just a part of who we are. If you’re a blusher who is regularly seen with an embarrassed face, don’t worry about it, it’s just your unique charm and it means that you’re someone who cares.

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