Tips for Controlling excessive blushing

Many people suffer with facial blushing, it’s hugely embarrassing and causes a great amount of distress, some people, however, suffer from excessive blushing and this can be extremely upsetting. People blush for many different reasons, for instance they blush when their angry, upset, embarrassed or nervous. Some people blush all the time, while for others, it happens just some of the time. For those who suffer from blushing, it can have severe consequences to their daily lives. They may feel too embarrassed or nervous to go outside, to show others their flushed face and other unwanted symptoms, like sweating.

It’s the increase in blood flow to the face which causes the reddening of the skin, which is known as facial flushing. The skin will also feel warm or hot and can also cause the neck and chest to become red too. There are many reasons why people flush, as we have just mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly causes facial flushing, so you can try and reduce your flare ups.


Causes of excessive blushing:

Your emotions

As we’ve previously mentioned, facial blushing can be caused by a wide range of emotions including fear, anger, excitement or embarrassment. It can be any emotion that causes the fight or flight response, which releases adrenaline. It’s this adrenaline that causes the unwanted symptoms, such as facial blushing and sweating. The adrenaline is secreted because of these emotions and it causes the blood vessels to dilate and our heart rates to increase. The blood is then directed up towards our face and the brain.

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To reduce these symptoms you have to keep control of your breathing. It would be a great idea to learn some breathing techniques as this will keep your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in check. Once you get your breathing back under control you will notice your heart rate will reduce, which will control the amount of blood being forced up to the face. Learning breathing techniques really will help with your flushing.


When it’s cold our bodies will send blood to our internal organs, to help keep them warm, this can make our faces look blue. Facial flushing occurs when we become too hot. We can also develop flushing when it’s windy outside. The thing you really have to do is to take care of yourself in certain temperatures. Try and prevent your body from getting too hot and wrap up warm when it’s cold outside.


When you take part in any form of exercise you’ll see an increase in your heart rate and blood pressure. When you’re exercising the blood circulates around the body faster too, because your body needs extra oxygen and your muscles need extra glucose. This will cause you to develop facial flushing and in some people it can lead to excessive blushing for a while, before your colour returns back to normal, once adrenaline levels are down.


Many people have what’s known as Rosacea which can cause blushing. Rosacea is a chronic condition which is characterized by facial flushing and sometimes pimples. The redness of the skin can appear on someone’s cheeks and nose. Sometimes the person suffering from Rosacea has damage to their facial blood vessels, which will lead to an increase in blood flow to the damaged area, causing excessive blushing. People aged between 30 and 60 are more prone to Rosacea.

High blood pressure

Excessive blushing could also be the result of high blood pressure. The heart is pumping harder and so the blood is forced closer to your skin, which causes the facial redness. There are many reasons why people suffer from high blood pressure including fatty deposits of cholesterol, which can clog the blood vessels.

How to cope with excessive blushing:

There are many ways in which you can take back control over your blushing, including:

Relaxation techniques

Using relaxation techniques really will help you get control over your blushing. Relaxation techniques, combined with a healthy lifestyle will help to ensure your heart rate is at a steady level, which is highly important when it comes to facial flushing.

Controlling your emotions

When you understand your emotions better, you really can help your blushing. There really is no need to avoid certain social situations. If you’re out and about and you notice yourself starting to blush, don’t be embarrassed, just think to yourself, “It’s fine, it’s just a part of me and I’m ok with it.” When you ignore your blushing, it will go away on its own. There really is no need to be embarrassed about it. In fact, being embarrassed about it will only make things worse.

Facial flushing is a common issue for many people and it can play havoc with their lives, but only if they let it. When you understand why you’re blushing and in what situations you’re likely to blush, you can take back control. It doesn’t mean that you will stop blushing altogether but you will definitely be helping yourself to control the very unpleasant symptoms of excessive blushing.

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