People often confuse Rosacea with the fear of blushing or Erythrophobia

But it is completely different.

Blushing is caused from being embarrassed, if you have a fear of it unfortunately it is caused from nearly any social contact.

Rosacea is more like acne or eczema. It’s a chronic inflammatory skin condition which usually affects the sufferers face.

It is easily confused with blushing because people who suffer with this condition have a red face. In the early stages of Rosacea a symptom is long flushing episodes.

Also if you don’t treat Rosacea it will get worse, which is why if you have either of these conditions you need to take some action sooner rather than later.

The causes for these to conditions are completely different.

Read this for the main causes of blushing

The main causes of Rosacea are abnormalities in facial blood vessels, light skin color and family history.

Some similar Things that can set these two things off are stress, caffeine or high energy foods and drink and high level heat temperatures

Just like erythrophobia, rosacea has no sure cure.

They both have the option of different drugs, change in lifestyle and surgeries. But cures vary for different people.