Just a life update about my blushing.

I started this website over a year ago now and I am happy to report that I am still happy with the hypnosis that helped me to stop caring and cure my blushing. I’ve learnt to stop blushing start living

I actually had an excessive blushing scenario yesterday at work.

I work on a mine now and to get to and from work all of the employees have to take a work bus. At the end of each day we hand in our paper work to the boss and then get on the bus to go home. Well guess what I did… I forgot to hand in my paper work. So my boss told the bus to turn around and bring him the paper work.

So obviously I felt horrible making everyone come back to work with me, I think my whole body was blushing and sweating.

It was horrible haha.

But at least this is a normal situation to blush in! I used to blush like this everywhere and in every situation and my brain would always be looking for a way out and scream how to stop blushing

If you have read my blushing story you will know I used to blush in front of girls, boys, family, friends, my crush, strangers and I even used to blush for no reason, basically anywhere in public

I found out how to stop my blushing and I am living a happy normal life now.

Anyway that’s my life update.

I haven’t listened to the track for months and I am doing very well. I didn’t stop blushing immediately but I have stopped it for good 🙂

Stop blushing and start living!

Thanks for reading