Is there anything like a Blushing cure?

People who experience severe cases of blushing usually ask if there is a blushing cure which will help them stop blushing once and for all. Cartoons and movie might paint blushing as a normal thing or even as something cute, but those who experience it especially on a regular basis know that going red in the face for the slightest reason is quite embarrassing.

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Blushing isn’t so much of a bother to some people and blushing once in a while is absolutely normal. But it can be a serious problem when it happens too often. So much that that it will make you look everywhere for a blushing cure. The worst part of looking for a blushing cure is the fact that the answer isn’t readily available medically. but this isn’t to say that there is absolutely no hope at all for you. Fortunately, there is an answer to your blushing problem.

Blushing cure

Find out the cause of Blushing 

Perhaps the very first thing you should do if you are bothered by how much you blush is to speak to a professional about it. There are medical causes that to can be causing you to blush too often. The size of the blood vessels on your face is responsible for blushing and this is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, having a hypersensitive sympathetic nervous system can actually cause you to blush more often than you would want to. Blushing can also be caused by a skin condition known as Rosacea, or a sweating disorder otherwise referred to as hyperhidrosis.

Asides this, it could also be as a result of a psychological issue. This could be as lack of confidence or low self-esteem or an anxiety disorder. When this is the case, solving the underlying problem should be the main focus and not getting a blushing cure itself. Which is the reason why you should talk to a professional about it first?

Reverse psychology

Have you ever tried to blush intentionally? How well did that work out? You most likely failed, didn’t you? most people who have issues with blushing usually find themselves trying to stop themselves from blushing. But more often than not, rather than solving the problem, you might find yourself blushing even more as your embarrassment and frustration increases. Maybe it’s time to try something different.

Rather than try to stop yourself from blushing it is recommended that you try to make yourself blush itself. From the experience of different people, it has been discovered that the most common and effective blushing cure is self-acceptance. Rather than bothering about how to make yourself stop blushing you should rather accept it and even try to make yourself blush more. It has been discovered that when you try to make yourself blush you usually can’t and if you try to avoid blushing or stop yourself from blushing, you make it even worse.

so the next time you feel like blushing, don’t try to stop It. Do the opposite and after a while, you will see that you feel less embarrassed and end up blushing less.

Other blushing cures.

Take deep breaths: people usually blush when they are anxious or embarrassed, it part of your body’s natural flight or fight response. Another recommended blushing cure is to try to calm yourself down when you feel like blushing. Taking long deep breathes is one way to do this.

Smile more often: smiling and laughing will help reduce stress levels and help keep your body fairly calm. So if you are someone that find yourself blushing than you want to, you should try to smile and laugh more than you currently do.

Regulate your body temperature: if you pay attention you will discover that you blush more often in warmer conditions than when you feel cool or even cold. Regulating your temperature is a blushing cure that really works. Try to stay cool always and when you feel stressed or anxious, move to a much cooler area and calm yourself down

Can surgery be a blushing cure?

in very severe cases, doctors usually recommend a procedure known as Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery (ETS). This procedure involves severing some nerves which control blood vessels in the face which are responsible for blushing. While many people who have undergone successful ETS claim that the results are satisfactory, the possible complications associated with it is one reason why the procedure isn’t quite popular or readily recommended. Patients can experience ranging from simple infection to more serious complications like eyelid drooping. However, facing your fears squarely and self-acceptance is the most recommended and effective blushing cure.

Look inwards. Focus on personal growth.

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