Hypnotherapy for how not to go red

I did not write this article and I don’t agree with all of the information within it, but I do agree with some of it. For my personal blushing story go here “https://myblushingcure.com/how-did-i-cure-my-blushing/

Blushing is the reddening of your cheeks that happens suddenly accompanied by an increase in the beats of your heart. It is a natural process but if blushing is excessive then you may have a problem. If you are a person who blushes in social situations it is said that you have social blushing. How to stop blushing when in social situations can be stopped by using blushing hypnotherapy. You can have this treatment done by psychotherapists, nurses, doctors, and many other professionals in the health care field. When using this blushing cure you will have two to ten sessions to take care of the problem. Most people will start to notice improvements after a few sessions. Using blushing hypnotherapy will help people in situations such as speaking in public, attending business meetings, working with customers, and others in similar situations become more comfortable when doing these things instead of feeling anxiety and blushing.
One important thing to note is that before you decide to use blushing hypnotherapy as a blushing cure, you should discuss it with your physician. The reason that you should talk to your physician is that sometimes reddening of your skin and flushing could be associated with an underlying disorder for which you would need to treat. If you are uncomfortable speaking in public, have a history of stress disorders, and social activity, you should not automatically assume that blushing is the result of any of these situations. After being evaluated by your physician and ruling out any underlying disorders then they can refer you to a physician who will does blushing hypnotherapy. This type of physician is referred to as a hypnotherapist.
When you go in for your first hypnotherapy session the therapist will make sure that your blushing has been evaluated medically, take your medical history, and then will discuss the goal of the sessions, and how the hypnotherapy sessions will work. You will also be required to give informed consent. This informed consent will help you learn about the ethical requirements that the therapist must comply with in order to practice and that you understand what is going to happen and why it is going to happen. If there is time the therapist may do a short hypnosis session but this may wait until your next session.
How to stop blushing using blushing hypnotherapy works in this way:
• You will be put in a deep state of relaxation• During this state of deep relaxation you will be able to focus on the problem and can help to make you feel more comfortable and help to eliminate distractions.• The hypnotherapist may use variety of techniques such as addressing the blushing problem by implanting suggestions. On example of a suggestion would be having you visualize attending a social or business event without blushing.
Each session that you have will help you to achieve greater control over your blushing in social situations. The hypnotherapist may also give you some exercises you can do at home to help you to relax and concentrate. If you find that this blushing cure is not effective you may need to either try other treatments or trying a different hypnotherapist. Two other treatments that can be tried if blushing hypnotherapy is not effective are to try psychotherapy to help you control stress and anxiety better or taking anti-anxiety medications. If there is a specific social situation where you might experience excessive blushing you could arrange a meeting with a therapist to discuss any options or coping tactics that you can use in this social situation to help control your blushing more reliably.