If you have read my blushing story you will know this is the hypnosis track that cured my blushing and has continued to keep me blush free for nearly 12 months now.

Also if you have read my story you will know that i have spent a lot of money and have tried many things to stop myself blushing.

I have tried multiple drugs that aren’t cheap and have side effects that are diffinetely not worth it, i know that when i was first told about the side effects i thought. “I don’t care what side effects i have to go through, i would rather anything than going red all the time.” After actually expiernecing the side effects i wouldn’t recommend the drugs to anyone.

And the surgery… I am extremely glad i tried this hypnosis first as the ETS surgery side effects are ridiculous.

If you are thinking of trying any of these expensive and in my opinion, Dangerous so called “cures” then please take my advice and try this track first!

Here is the link for it: blushing hypnosis download


  1. I’m 13 years old and whenever i answer a question in class or talk to someone I don’t know or would like to know, my face goes so RED it’s crazy. Because of this, my normally extremely extroverted kind has become introverted and my parents worry about me. When I tell them the problem they completely ignore it. The blushing is ruining my life and I need help. What do I do?

    P.S. I am extremely active (i play lacrosse and soccer and I’m on a swim team) so even if I had enough money for the surgery, I couldn’t do what I love.

  2. I’ve blushed at everything for the past 35 years. I can’t hide any emotion. I won’t lie because there is no point to it. So that’s taught me a lot. People find it weird at first but then endearing. A lot of people try to say things to mess with me and make me blush. I have hated it.
    There were a few years I was addicted to hot yoga. I didn’t blush ever! I highly recommend this. The heat mixed with the confidence it gave me made me realize a lot about myself. At first, I was still blushing. However, I realized that I could pretend I was in that hot yoga room and meditate a little when my cheeks started to grow pink. It started to go away.
    It’s been a few years since I was dedicated to hot yoga and my blushing is back full force!! I have a new job and everyone rags on me about it. I have my wits to me so I’m okay, but it really isn’t fun.

  3. Hi,

    I blush soooo much, and for no reason! It is ruining my life, its constantly in the back of my mind. Whenever I plan on doing anything, the first thing I think of is blushing, it actually controls my life. Blushing has gave me terrible social anxiety too.
    Have you got a person contact address, I feel like It would really benefit me if I could speak to someone about it.

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