How to control blushing

How to control blushing

Well, I’m guessing you’re reading this because you want to learn about how to control blushing. Luckily you’ve come to the right place for great tips on how you can try and prevent blushing. Let’s face it, blushing is hugely embarrassing and for those of us who know all about blushing, it can be very distressing too.

So how to control blushing, I mean it just comes out of nowhere, one minute you’re a normal colour and the next you’re absolutely glowing, and you feel as though, you’re on show to the world. You know when you’re starting to blush, you feel yourself getting warmer and warmer until you are as red as a beetroot, and then it just gets worse. You know you’re blushing and because you know, you blush even more, because you’re embarrassed about yourself blushing. Confusing isn’t it?

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How to control blushing

We blush for many different reasons, fear, embarrassment, anxiety, the list just goes on, but gaining control over our emotions is the key when it comes to preventing blushing in the first place.

Blushing is common, a lot of people blush, but some more so than others. It is possible to get control over your blushing and there are great techniques available for you.

Here are some great tips on how to control blushing

Identify the root cause of your blushing

Blushing can be prevented by desensitizing your body to situations that could be emotional. You must try and find the root cause of your blushing. For instance, do stressful situations cause your blushing? If so, ask yourself, why do I blush at stressful situations? Sit and think about why these situations cause you so much stress, anxiety or embarrassment. Everyone has triggers and different situations that cause them to blush, you just have to try and find the root causes of your blushing.

How to control blushing in stressful situations, well the key point here is that you shouldn’t avoid these situations, what you have to do is to change your mind about them. Try and change your mind into thinking that these situations are fine and that there is no need to be stressed out or embarrassed by them. Once you do this, after a while, you’ll find that your blushing will be reduced, or even stopped altogether. This is a great tip on how to control blushing.

Attempt to blush

Yes you did just read that right, it has been said that by carrying out this exercise that you can and will get control over your blushing. Ok, so it’s quite simple to do, just stand in front of a mirror and try your best to make yourself blush. Yes, try and make your face go bright red, you should do this a couple of times a day. It may work and it may not, the thing to remember is blushing is involuntary, it happens when it likes, it’s a human reaction to physical or emotional situations.

This exercise will help you in the long run, doing this regularly will help you to get control over your blushing, psychologists agree that it really does help with blushing. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work for you the key is that you’re getting your brain comfortable with blushing. This will greatly help with your blushing fear. In time you will see that you’re not blushing as much as you used to, or it may even be prevented. This is a very useful tip on how to control blushing.

Stop stressing

If someone asked me how do I control my blushing? I would say to them, you have to control your stress levels. Control your stress levels and you’ll control your blushing. When you’re relaxed and happy there is no blushing, when you’re anxious or stressed there is, so, by keeping yourself cool and calm, you really are preventing yourself from blushing. So, how to control blushing, well it all comes down to your emotions, control these and you should stop blushing.

Try and reduce your stress levels by becoming more aware of your breathing, deep breathing techniques really do help and will control your blushing. Make sure you are always well rested, as this will help to keep the stress hormone cortisol in check.

Meditation is a great relaxation technique and will de stress your body and nervous system. Meditation will work by reducing the blood pressure that’s associated with stress and anxiety.

Yoga is another great relaxation practice that will help with your blushing. Yoga works both the body and mind and will get your blood flowing around your body, and if it’s flowing around your body, it’s not heading to your face, turning it bright red.

Breathing exercises will help you to control your body when you find yourself in stressful situations, so, how to control blushing, well, you control your stress levels it’s as simple as that! Keep calm and keep cool.

Don’t let blushing bother you

Yes I know this is easier said than done but it really is the key when it comes to how to control blushing. That’s the thing with blushing, it’s a vicious circle, first we feel ourselves getting warmer, then we know we’re blushing and then we are so embarrassed because we are blushing. It seems as though you just can’t stop this cycle.

Well, yes you can, you have to stop worrying about the fact that you’re blushing. People around you won’t care that you’re blushing, it’s just that feeling you have when you think all eyes are on you when you go red. Accepting that you blush from time to time is what’s needed, think of it as just your unique charm, when you see things this way, blushing won’t bother you so much. Yes you will still blush from time to time but in the end you won’t be so embarrassed by the fact you’re blushing.

Final thoughts

Controlling blushing is quite a challenge, you have to try and change your mind over different situations that cause you to blush. Staying in control of your emotions is the key, and yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques can, and will, help you get control over your blushing.

Don’t let blushing worry you, everyone blushes from time to time, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about it shows that you’re human with human emotions. I hope these tips on how to control blushing has helped you, and remember when you control your stress, you control your blushing!

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