This creative little poem was written by Hire Writers as a different way to look at facial blushing I guess. Everything on the internet about blushing seems to be depressing. This is to but at least it gets you thinking

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She walked in beauty in the night.

She felt that she was ready for a fight.

She had become a warrior of renown and many an opponent had felt her might.

Life was so difficult and she felt every slight.

Her only fear was erythrophobia and the flushing of a blushing.

She smiled at the barbs that made light of her height.

She often wished she were shorter and not so slight.

They said she was a beanpole and that life had left her without a pint.

She knew her cup flowed to the brim with love so bright.

Yet no one would return her feelings and why she fled into the night.

This is why; She walked this road, this night without even a light.

She had heard there was palace in the distance where it matter naught if you were thick, thin, or slight. The treatment for all was just, ministered with justice and right

She hoped the story was true, but did not give much hope for her plight.

As yet none called her friend or shield mate.

Now she drew nigh to the palace of wonder and light.

The gate and portico were open and music filled the air

She heard the laughter and the merriment and the sounds that sounded so bright.

A voice startled her form shadow outside a torch’s flickering light.

“Fair maid” said voice from the shadows “why do you tarry outside in the dark where it is dark on this festive night.”

“I fear my height and my might will be cause for a fight err I might find sucrose for my plight.”

She answered the voice in the shadow of the palaces light.

“I too dread the jeers of those who make light of those with height” and stepped into the light a warrior tall and a full knight.

Two heads taller than she and as thin as a rail he looked down on her and smiled.

“Fair maid I would be remiss I didn’t offer my arm to escort you inside and may the slights and the barbed words fall where they might.”

“For you see this is my castle and I invite you in for the night and perhaps you’ll tarry a while and

drink from my cup as I have admired you from afar and to your ear I passed the story of this palace and its delights.”

The maid felt a rising flush of facial blushing that was uncharacteristic in her sight. She bowed her head slightly and took the offered hand that’s how the maid became a wife and the queen of the land.