If you haven’t read the story of how I cured my blushing then please read it before you read about ETS Surgery.

Before I cured my blushing I went to a neurologist to get ETS surgery for my blushing.

There is a lot of information on the internet about this surgery but I thought I’d ad my opinion to it.

ETS is mostly used for people who have very sweaty hands, but it is also used as a way to stop blushing due to Erythrophobia.

When I went to the neurologist I had read and believed that the surgery was reversible. I knew about some of the side effects like, you can’t sweat above the nipple line and the possibility of having an eyelid droop. But if the surgery was reversible then what does it matter?

ETS Surgery
Image compliments of the Hyperhidrosis Group

After talking with the Neurologist, who had performed many ETS surgery in the past, I soon found that it is very rarely reversible. He told me. “Don’t think of the surgery as reversible because in most cases it’s not”

Basically how they do the surgery is by deflating  your lung, and then they use a little camera to find a nerve in your neck that controls the sweating and blushing. I Read online that they can put a ring around this nerve to cut it off and if the side effects are too bad to handle they can take the ring off the nerve.

When I told the neurologist this he said. “We don’t put a ring around the nerve, we cut the nerve.” Which makes reversing the surgery nearly impossible.

Also the surgery is very expensive and there are more possible side effects that are more dangerous than just a droopy eyelid and not sweating.

There is more about ETS side effects here

My advice, just read the story of how I cured myself.

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