As a former blusher I did not write this article and I don’t agree with all of the information within it, but I do agree with some of it. For my personal blushing cure story go here “How I treated my blushing and stopped it

For many blushing can be a bit of an embarrassment, especially if you blush excessively over the least little thing. There are many ways in which you can stop blushing but one important thing to remember is that in some circumstances it does serve a purpose. Making others aware of what you are feeling so they can modify their behavior to a more appropriate manner. When a person blushes they can communicate emotions that they may not be able to express verbally.
The first step in how to stop blushing you need to visit your physician to make sure that your condition is not a symptoms or sign of an underlying medical reason. Many times it is confused with flushing. Flushing can happen because of menopause, a side effect of prescription medications, rosacea, and other medical disorders. When you visit your physician discuss your symptoms with them to help find out if there is a physical reason for you to blush.

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When looking for a blushing cure/treatment to help with your blushing there are three different problems that you need to address, which include:

• The physical reaction of your blushing.
• The embarrassment you feel over other people’s reaction to your blushing
• The fear of certain situations that can cause blinding.
Yes, blushing is a vicious cycle. The reason is that if you are anxious or embarrassed it can cause you to blush. In addition, these two things can cause you to blush more. How to stop blushing will involve you breaking this vicious cycle. Two ways that you can use to try to find a blushing cure are:

• Hypnosis—although this is a popular blushing cure/treatment it does not work for everyone. This treatment is referred to as hypnotherapy. Using this treatment will help reprogram your unconscious mind to stop the blushing. If the hypnotherapist is really good they may also reduce your anxiety and reduce the embarrassment that helps to contribute to excessive blushing. Even after having this type of treatment you may still blush but the incidents that do occur may be reduced to a level that will cause you not to feel fearful, isolated, or abnormal when you do blush.

• Cognitive behavioral therapy—this type of treatment/therapy can help teach you to adjust your expectations of social situations. According to research that has been done if you are one of those people who suffer from excessive blushing you have unrealistic expectations of how you should act in social situations. These people are scared that even if they make a tiny social mistake that other people are going to mock them because of it. This results in a person becoming overly anxious and start to blush, many times excessively.
Some physicians may use medication as a blushing cure/treatment. Each of these medications will help you to manage stress symptoms in different ways. These medications can also help to reduce sweating excessively, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, and excessive facial blushing. The three groups of medications a physician has to choose from include anti-anxiety medications, clonidine, and beta-blockers.

knowing how to stop blushing is obviously very difficult, read my cure story to know how I stopped mine.