Blushing May Be More than Just a Bashful Reaction

I did not write this article and I don’t agree with all of the information within it, but I do agree with some of it. For my personal blushing story go here “How I treated my blushing and stopped it


When your face lights up like a rose at the most inopportune times then you certainly understand the embarrassment that your red skin can create. Unlike those descriptions portrayed in so many romantic novels blushing is not necessarily a trait that enhances your physical appearance. In fact there are many people who are now desperately searching for some method that will show them how to stop blushing at the “drop of a hat.”

Blushing is often associated with shyness or embarrassment, but it can actually be triggered by a number of physical or emotional triggers. Physicians are still not exactly certain why some people are affected by this “flushing of the skin” but they do realize that there are complex reasons that serve as trigger-points.

In many instances blushing resembles splotches of red coloring that can spread along the cheeks, ears, face, neck and chest. Some individuals appear to have suddenly contracted a case of measles or “hives” when all that is going on is a severe blushing reaction.

Blushing is stimulated by changes in the sympathetic nervous system and is associated with the body’s natural adrenaline response. You may have heard of this being referred to as “fight or flight”. Your body is gearing up to deal with perceived stressors and this creates dilation of the blood vessels.  Situations that create stress, panic or anxious feelings can lead to blushing that is triggered by these types of emotional reactions.

As the blood vessels become enlarged more blood can rush through your circulatory system. You have thousands of very small blood veins that are near the surface of the skin and when blood is rushing through these vessels the coloring and temperature of your skin can temporarily be changed. More blood pumping through your system generally means more body heat and skin flushing (blushing).

Your body can also experience temporary blushing if your internal temperature is higher than normal. This can occur in hot weather, when you are working out or during those menopausal years. These are instances where the blushing is caused by physical factors. Some people also are sensitive to foods, smells or other stimuli. This could lead to vasodilation of the blood vessels and be displayed as blushing of the skin. There are even specific medical conditions that can make a person more susceptible to unexpected bouts of blushing.
Redness of the skin is typically more noticeable in people with fair skin coloring. This is due to the fact that the lightness of their skin makes it easier to detect changes in color. It could be that blushing is related to someone having a higher number of superficial blood veins which makes the visible effects of vasodilation even more prominent.

You can learn how to stop blushing with a few simple techniques. Many individuals have had success using meditation and yoga to help them deal with high stress levels. The more relaxed you can make your mind and body the less likely you are to experience the effects of blushing.

You can discuss the possible use of medications with your physician. There are drugs that can be prescribed if your skin redness is due to medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, menopause or hypertension. Occasionally a doctor may prescribe a low dose of a beta-blocker for patients with severe blushing conditions.

Dermatologists can even use laser treatments to help control blushing. This treatment involves a series of pulsed-dye laser sessions that will eliminate some of the tiny blood vessels around the face, neck and chest region.

It is also possible to stop blushing when you learn to regulate your breathing.  Train yourself to take slow deep breaths when you feel nervous or tense. Deep breathing exercises is a natural blushing cure that you can use to help soothe your sympathetic nervous system and reduce blush-provoking anxieties.

Use cool compresses to dampen your skin, cool your body temperature and constrict those overly-dilated blood vessels. Add some essential oils (lavender, rose or lemon) to the compresses when you want to help your body and senses relax.