How anxiety causes a flushed face

Anxiety is a problem for many people and can cause you to develop a flushed face, as well as a wide range of other unwanted symptoms. Blushing is very embarrassing and can make people feel very distressed and uncomfortable. One minute you can be a normal colour and the next minute you can gradually feel yourself going redder and redder and hotter and hotter. For those who suffer from anxiety, just knowing their face is glowing will cause them even more distress.

causes a flushed face


Why does anxiety cause a flushed face?

Well, it all comes down to our bodies and how they are trying to help us. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I bet you’re thinking, “I don’t want to blush, so what is causing my blushing?” The answer lies in evolution. Scientists now believe that blushing, or having a flushed face, is a form of non verbal communication. Early humans, for instance, may not have known or understood that many words, so the only way to communicate was through blushing. The body would have sent more heat to the face, which would have turned the skin red, to tell others what exactly that person was feeling.

There are many emotions that can cause us to develop a flushed face including anger, excitement, embarrassment, sadness, nervousness etc. It is believed that years ago blushing was very advantageous. While blushing may be very natural, it doesn’t mean we have to like it. To many people, it is highly embarrassing and can cause severe distress.

Biologically, inside the body, capillaries in the face dilate. This allows for more blood flow and it’s this extra blood flow that makes you blush. If you have light skin, this redness will show up even more, it will also make your skin feel very hot.

This reddening of the face and the hot feeling you develop all adds to even greater anxiety. Anxiety can trigger blushing but it’s the blushing that can also trigger anxiety. When someone has a red face and they know they are glowing, it’s this feeling of embarrassment that increases their anxiety further.

How to end anxiety flushing

Once you have started to develop a flushed face all you can do is to wait for the adrenaline to decrease, which will, in return, allow your face to get back to its normal colour. Once adrenaline is in your body, it really is a waiting game but there are certain things you can do to try and help yourself, for instance, you could go for a small walk, as this will help to get your blood moving around your body. This won’t be instant though, it can take a good while for adrenaline to leave your body and for your flushed face to return to normal.

Here are some great tips that will help with your blushing:

Don’t be embarrassed

This is a very good tip that will help you enormously. Embarrassment really is your worst enemy. The thing with embarrassment is the fact that when you are embarrassed, you try to hide it. You try to hide your true feelings, which will, in return, cause you to develop a flushed face. When you try to hide your feelings you will stay embarrassed for even longer and this can also cause a great amount of anxiety. If you develop a red face and someone tells you that you have gone red, just smile and say, “Yes, sometimes I have anxiety and it causes me to develop a flushed face.” Never hide from the fact that this happens to you, you will only be making the situation worse. Be honest about how you’re feeling and you will soon realise you have nothing to be embarrassed about.


Exercise can help anxiety a great deal. If you ever begin to feel stressed or anxious, take part in a form of exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can provide you with outstanding anxiety relief and can even be better than some anxiety drugs for some people. When you exercise you are also improving blood flow, which may help to reduce adrenaline in the body. If you regularly suffer from anxiety and blushing, give exercise a try, you may notice remarkable results.

Learn some breathing techniques

If you suffer from anxiety and develop a red face because of it then breathing techniques could help you greatly. It’s difficult enough to cope with anxiety but some people start to hyperventilate too, which causes even more distress, adding to their already existing anxiety problems. What you need to do is to slow down your breathing, to keep the right oxygen and carbon dioxide balance. This is very important as it will help to keep your anxiety levels down and will help with your blushing too.

The point to remember here is that these tips will help you with your blushing but they cannot totally cure it, this will take time. What they will enable you to do though, is to reduce the adrenaline that’s in your body, which will ensure your anxiety doesn’t get any worse.

You really can improve your anxiety symptoms, all it will take is time and a lot of patience but once you have mastered the ways in which you can control your symptoms, you will see that you’ll rarely have the flushed face that causes so much distress.

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