10 ways to avoid blushing and getting an embarrassed face

Most people get an embarrassed face when they are stressed, anxious or as the name implies when they are embarrassed. It results from a rush of blood to the face as a result of dilation of the facial blood vessels. This is what is referred to as blushing or flushing.

Most people with social and anxiety disorders usually get an embarrassed face a lot more than others. it could also result from medical conditions that directly affect the face such as Rosacea and other diseases that are not even related to the face at all.

Physical exercise and consumption of substances like alcohol, hot and spicy food can also cause an embarrassed face. To avoid getting an embarrassed face. fortunately, there are simple tips you can use to help reduce and possible cure your excessive blushing and avoid getting an embarrassed face too often.

10 tips for avoiding an embarrassed face

  1. Relax: Since blushing usually occur as a result of stress and anxiety, the key to avoiding is to try to stay cool and relaxed at all times. try to reduce your anxiety by taking long deep breathes when you feel a blush coming on. You should also try to identify situations that freak you out and try to avoid them.
  2. Smile and laugh more often: It is believed that smiling more and laughing more regularly especially when you feel stressed or even embarrassed helps to keep stress level under control and can save you from getting an embarrassed face. Your heart rate is lowered when you smile which aids the recovery process when you enter into a stressful situation.
  3. Stay cool and hydrated always: another common cause of an embarrassed face for some people is when their temperature rises. Your heart rate increases mimicking an anxiety situation. To avoid blushing you should try to cool off whenever you feel the heat coming to strong especially if you are someone that goes “tomato-faced” at the slightest provocation for little or no reason at all. always make sure you have a drink of cold or cool water in handy always to help cool your body down.
  4. Think funny thoughts: when you feel like blushing, you should try thinking funny thoughts that will make you laugh or smile instead. This way you can get your body relaxed and avoid a red face situation.
  5. Self-acceptance: So you blush a lot. What’s the big deal? Rather than try to repress the urge which inadvertently makes it worse, you should rather try to accept it as a part of you and be at peace with yourself. A strategy that has proven to be effective when dealing with excessive blushing is to try to blush rather than try to stop blushing.
  6. Find out what triggers your embarrassment and avoid it: for some people, blushing is usually triggered by certain substances like alcohol, spicy food, caffeine or even sunlight. If you are prone to excessive blushing you should stay away from things or situations that tend to trigger it.

This in itself is antisocial and isn’t really recommended that you stay completely away from people just because you blush in their presence. Instead, you should identify specific things that make you blush too much when you are with people and avoid it. For example, taking the limelight or being the center of attraction makes some people blush terribly. When your friends and family know this, they will help you by avoiding doing this to you when you are with them.

  1. Makeup Helps: Since blushing adds a pinkish color to your face, you should able to conceal it perfectly using colors too. It has been discovered that the color green is quite effective in helping you hide the blush colors on your face. using a green colored moisturizer helps camouflage the redness of your embarrassed face
  2. Avoid direct eye contact: although many people consider this as rude or lack of confidence during a conversation, you can still use this tactic if it makes you feel better about yourself and helps you blush less.
  3. Therapy and medication: when blushing occurs as a result of psychological disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help with self-esteem issues and in reducing or avoiding blushing.
  4. Surgery: as a final resort, surgery is a viable alternative treatment for excessive blushing. But endoscopic thoracic surgery has a lot of possible complications and so isn’t a readily recommended solution to blushing.



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